Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Metro Is Listening

Looks like our posting of this strange sign got Metro's attention. We should have mentioned the location of the sign in the original post--it's Potomac Ave., but Metro contacted us asking where it was so they could fix it.
Gotta love small victories.
We hope they follow through, and if they do, hats off to them.
Thanks again to Erik D. for sending in the photo.
Keep sending us your thoughts, observations and experiences.

Other news:
Metro's "get fit" program? (DC Examiner)
Changes in store for SmarTrip (GGW)

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Anonymous said...

Nice that they contacted you. I sent an email Friday about a bus driver who both hit me with the doors (closing them behind me) and took off while I was still standing in the stairwell, which is at the least, really unsafe.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

We'd love to hear your experiences and post them on the site. Our most popular posts are stories exactly like that. Write it up next time. We'll edit and get your approval before posting.
Thanks for reading the site!

Ron H said...

Anytime you have a complaint about a Metro employee you should contact our Customer Service department at 202-637-1328 or by email to


Anonymous said...

There's another such incorrect pylon at the bottom of the down escalator downstairs at Rosslyn, toward the back of the trains, showing the Blue Line ending in Huntington.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

@anon Snap a pic next time you're there if you think about it. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Oddly, Metro is really good about updating incorrect signage, I frequently notice changes in errors that are reported. I noticed a few months ago that one of the maps outside of Judiciary Square was so out of date that it showed the green line as not yet complete, was missing Largo Town Center and the New York Ave/RI station additions. I looked that up in my history book and found it was probably circa 1999. They did replace it finally.

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