Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Metro Employee Dating Secrets Revealed

We Love DC wondered if Metro is becoming the new singles bar given the demographic information recently released regarding median income, education levels and such and such.
While riders are only now getting with the program and realizing the full dating potential Metro has to offer, it would seem some Metro employees have long known the value of a captive audience.
There are two approaches favored by Metro employees. The first option when starting the courtship ritual appears to be an old standby--"animal sounds." The effectiveness of this method does not look good based upon direct observation.
Realizing animal sounds don't work, the latest weapon Metro employees are deploying is the more subtle and much more beloved, kissing sound. To read more about this new trend and how it is being received, we invite you to get more details at Holla Back DC.

More bad behavior:
Napping on the job?
Eating in the system
Not giving a sh*t

Other news:
WaPo readers against food sales in Metro
Would four-door cars help Metro unsuck? (Fwix)

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