Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gulfs in Perception

We've posted a lot of negative tweets about Metro on here, and to be fair, there are occasional tweets praising the system, but inevitably they're from visitors/tourists. We look forward to the day when these kinds of tweets come from locals.
gilbertcruz: The Washington DC metro is the quietest form of public transportation EVER. Makes ya appreciate the insanity of the NYC subway system.
ssodonn: Stand back. Stay clear of the doors. The sounds of the DC metro. What a worry-free way to get around a city.
kmerritt: I'm a DC Metro convert. No more $25 cab fares for me. Kudos to DC for a great public transportation system.
finchstudio: Dc metro pros - clean, cool architecture, tells when next train arrives. Cons - enormous escalators when afraid of heights, exit fare/bit
matthickey: @AnnaBoone The DC Metro is one of the best ever. It's so good!

There are more, but this is a good sampling of the tourist perception of Metro.

Other items of interest:
Subway maps to scale
Job seeker prowls Metro stations for leads (WaPo)

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SoapyD said...

I imagine most regular Metro riders won't be singing the toursits' praises when the weekly Touristpocalypse hits Metro Center during rush hour this evening...

Anonymous said...

As a regular rider, I do really like metro. It gets me where I want to be when I want to be there. It's just when metro fails, it fails so epicly.

metro escalators = epic fail

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