Monday, May 11, 2009

LOAD SmarTrip At Retail Outlets

Metro is about to announce an long list of places where you can buy AND LOAD SmarTrip cards using installed machines. Previously, you could only purchase cards with no value* and then add value at a train station. No longer.

*Correction: Metro now says the $10 cards have been available since Dec. ($5 for the card, $5 value). Thanks "emmzee" for the heads up. The add value terminals are new, Metro says.

Photo: mr_t_in_dc

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emmzee said...

You've been able to buy SmarTrip cards at CVS's for the normal $10 - $5 for the card and $5 value on the card - for 5 months now: You've also been able to add value at the stores.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

According to Metro the loading feature is new.

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