Friday, May 29, 2009

Metro Launches NextBusStop

Metro's NextBusStop program is apparently still in a feasibility study stage at 13th and H. Too bad for this guy.
Got another nomination for suckinest bus stop in Metro? Show us.

Updated information on NextBusStop:

The driver asked me yesterday "What happened to the bus stop?"
Like I personally tore it down and left it that way.

I asked him "don't you know what happened?"

His reply "Just because I work for Metro doesn't mean I know what's going on."
Thanks for the photo and info Converting a Spendthrift!

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Anonymous said...

Notice the nextbus sign LOL. priorities wmata?

mazzie said...

On March 31st, I took the 96 bus to work, like I do almost every day, from U Street to Union Station. Across from Union Station, instead of continuing though Columbus Circle like it always did, the bus took a right turn on to Louisiana Ave, NE. A bunch of Hill kids leapt to their feet, disoriented and angry, and the bus driver said it was a route change. I got off at the next stop and walked an extra block or so to work, but couldn't be too grudgy because I got a nice view of the Capitol and the cherry blossoms ( But when I got to work, I checked the maps and timetables on line (have you seen the bus map for DC? It's really quite hideous -, checked their page for route changes, and found nothing. So I took a deep breath and called them. I spoke to a very nice woman, who put me on hold several times, only to finally report that she hadn't heard or been able to find any notice about a route change.
To this day, the maps haven't changed, nor has the route change been announced. The route change effectively cuts out a block they used to drive around, so I figure the bus drivers had a meeting and decided they didn't want to do it anymore.

Tim Fry said...

Mazzie, great story (not for you...) and great theory. I am of mixed minds, obviously those types of changes for the worse would not be good but overall, if Metro employees took more of an active role in their work it probably be helpful. So I encourage their creativity and their motivation, while not necessarily agreeing with the results. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

hahahhah. this pic makes me laugh for some reason! well done

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