Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Japanese Subway Behavior Modification

Now that Metro is ramping up a "courtesy campaign," we thought it'd be interesting to see what other subways have done to curb sociopathic tendencies.
Last year, the Tokyo subway system began a long series of campaigns to improve rider behavior, with everything from seat hogging, passing out drunk and pretending to golf with your umbrella targeted.
We don't know how effective these kinds of things are, but the Tokyo posters are, at the very least, pretty funny. Poor guy with the weird eyes!
Our fave is December. That actually happens A LOT over there.
Haven't yet decided if the WMATA Metro pixie is funny or not. Leaning more toward that strange feeling between weird and sad.
View a nice collection of the Japanese posters here.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I wish they'd put these on shirts. They would be amazingly popular in metropolitan cities EVERYWHERE :)

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