Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clippin' Or Dippin'?

The other day we posted a pic of a guy clipping his fingernails on Metro. Last Thursday morning, on a very crowded Orange Line train, we saw a guy dipping and spitting into a disposable coffee cup--the kind you get at Starbucks. He had cleverly adapted the sip lid into a spit lid by tearing off a good sized chunk. He was trying to be sly about his slobbery habit, and if you'd been far away, you might not have looked twice, but for those close enough to almost smell the sweet wintergreen freshness, you could see a little syrupy dribble form just below his bottom lip each time he took the cup away from his mouth.
You really don't want to see brown saliva ever, much less while you're still waking up and on a train so crowded you can't move for a change of scenery.
And spillage? Shiver. Too horrible to imagine.

So, which is more foul Metro behavior, clippin' or dippin'?

Our growing list of other Metro "don'ts"

Other news:
Get ready for a workout Wheaton users.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to know since when did gross activities become accepted in public? I've moved several times in a Metro car because the person next to me is clipping their nails, filing their nails, snapping gum or licking their fingers too much for my tastes. Ugh, it's annoying. Can't people just sit somewhere for 10 minutes without doing something offensive?

Sigh. But it's Metro, so of course not.

Golden Silence said...

"I'd like to know since when did gross activities become accepted in public?"

People have no class anymore!

If you think that's gross, today on the Red Line towards Shady Grove, when the woman sitting next to me got up to change her seat around Gallery Place/Chinatown, she left a huge, rotten fart behind. Nasty! I didn't have to get off for another couple of stops, but I went to stand in the door regardless. I was not going to sit there for the rest of that ride smelling that woman's nasty gas!

Anonymous said...

who cares if the guy was dipping? he wasnt smoking and he had a spit cup so its not as if he was spitting on the floor. get over yourself, grow up and if you dont like this kind of stuff, ride your bike to work!

Anonymous said...

I found this site amusing until you had a problem with a man that keeps to himself while merely spitting into a cup....

This affects you how?

Clipping finger nails, yes. This is a problem.

Hogging a seat. Very selfish.

Quietly taking a stroll in flavor country? Meh. What the problem is?

Ben Schumin said...

Ayyy, there was a gentleman sitting in the row behind me on my Red Line train back home yesterday evening, and he was clipping his nails. I was really tempted to turn around and say, "Dude. Please hold off on that until you get off the train." I had a podcast turned up loud (in part to drown him out), and I could hear the clipping through the headphones and over the podcast. I was about ready to scream...

Danielle said...

My boyfriend and I were once riding Megabus up to New York, and some teenager was chewing tobacco and spitting into a bottle. Ewwww.

Fitz said...

Meh. Who cares if he was dipping?

No different than someone chewing gum, in my opinion. The only problem comes when you spit it on the floor.

Much like gum.

No issue here. move along

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