Friday, May 22, 2009

Nice Start to a Long Weekend

ymerino: Ah, red line delays. As predictable as the memorial day traffic I refuse to sit in today. Gotta love DC.
djhazzard: @biancacerise I'm actually stuck on the red line chump! Glass is half full though - we're on an overhead path instead of a tunnel. LOL!
rbersani: Red line's already acting screwy today.
colinschmitt: Red Line trouble. Train down. Single tracking in effect. Time for resumption of my train which is stuck between RI and NY unknown.
outtacontext: Red Line dead this morning. Transferring to Green Line next stop. Must get to work (it's the law -g).
biancacerise: @djhazzard that's what u get for tryna do that red line like me. stick to ur PG green line. its ghetto, but's never as slow as red LOL
mattswearman: Red line is single tracking... Really?!
ErickaAndersen: Red line malfunction FUN!
xxcaro: WTF #wmata dupont circle outage: you've just given conflicting instructions 4 times for westbound passengers. Single tracking or not?
fisherdm: on a metro car with no A/C. We're on a nice, slow simmer in here. Short fuses among passengers. #wmata
JFrancisAyres: DC metro is Fucking awful. Seriously? One lane at rush hour? What a bunch of morons.
okeefew: Red Line Apocalypse
brownpau: Bad delay on Red Line to Shady Grove. Sat at Union Station for 15 mins while train filled up and operator mumbled "central control, movi ...
scottschulthess: Bad red line, bad!
wasitforthis: Pretty bad red line delays this morning #wmatafail
n0rbert: trapped at union station. been here for 15 minutes..... red line delays are terrible this morning.
s1ncer1ty: Fuck! Trying to get off work early.. Then bus is late and there's single tracking on Red Line. It's just not my day.
brownpau: Red Line delays really bad. Got off train to walk to Orange Line.
chadmcneeleyA fantastic Metro morning. Stuck on the red line, between RI and NY Ave for a downed switch somewhere around Woodly Park. Everyone is calm.
zakahi: Major! red line delays!
cheunggo: I hate DC metro. Always something wrong and delays!
dlj26: Little is more infuriating than a packed platform and having an empty No Passengers train go by. Stop, you wanker! #wmata
lividyoungnpoor: Chillin on the red line in a delay with a few hundred of my closest strangers.
sspenguin: Expect delays on Red Line due to circuit bullshit near Dupont Circle. (via @DCMetroRed) Because Metro wants you to earn that 3-day weekend.
brettkeller: oh Red Line my Red Line, why hast thou forsaken me? #mycommutesucks #wmata
NattieDMcG: Just experienced my first worst Metro ride in DC, wow. Officially hate Red Line.
drastician: Good morning red line. and how was your FAIL this morning?
isitdinneryet: @unsuckdcmetro try getting on the jacked up red line next to the largest group of high school students to ever exist.
whatagrandworld: Goddamn Red Line. I could have walked in the time it took you to give me a train with less then a bajillion people on it.
LEPHAMMER: Not even 10am and possibly the worst day of the month having to endure the Memorial Day Weekend Metro Melee on the Red Line.

Other news:
Metro's holiday weekend "schedule"


P.Nitty said...

wow! i had to come into work *way* early this morning (cutting out early to catch a flight out of National) on the train at 5:30ish, didn't have any problems or delays at all, thank goodness!

Golden Silence said...

My tweets are protected, if you want to receive my tweets on Metro and its woes, request me @GoldenSilence99.

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