Monday, May 18, 2009

Metro Launches New Campaign To Curb Bad Behavior

We saw a VERY pregnant woman get on a crowded train the other day, and not a soul offered up their seat. Never fear, because Metro is launching a campaign to increase awareness that you shouldn't be a jerk.
Many of you may have noticed the extra announcements today about priority seating, which is part of a larger campaign to increase awareness about doing the right thing.
In addition to announcements, Metro has installed new signs with arrows pointing to the priority seats in each rail car.
Metro is also placing ads inside rail cars and Metrorail stations, and Metro staff handed out brochures with tips to customers today at Metro Center, L’Enfant Plaza, Union Station, Gallery Pl-Chinatown, Farragut West, Farragut North and Dupont Circle Metrorail stations.
We're not sure what other tips there could be other than give up your seat to someone who needs it, but the wise folks at Metro have come with a whole list of common sense.
Do you often see people offering their seat to people who need it? Have you ever told someone to give up their seat for you or someone else who needed it? Do you think Metro's new campaign will work?

Other news:
Only 5 percent of Americans regularly take mass transit, 61 percent never take it. (Grist via HuffPo)
Another stop on the Red Line? (WTOP)
MD to forgo more security cams (NBC4)

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Anonymous said...

Metro should have cropped that pic better. I think I see an empty seat right behind her!

Golden Silence said...

I have men offering me seats all the time, which is ridiculous because I'm an able-bodied young woman. I rarely see these men offer their seats to the elderly, pregnant or disabled. One man immediately got up and offered me his seat, completely ignoring a hobbling older woman behind me. I declined his offer.

Anonymous said...

i always see people offering up their seats to the elderly/disabled, etc. usually more than one person. can't remember the last time i saw someone left standing who was obviously deserving of being offered a seat.

Hostage Hoosier said...

People are pretty good about offering seats on the orange line. i think this money could be better spent on making sure the escalators are working so those pregnant/handicapped/old people dont have to walk up the stairs at Rosslyn.

Anonymous said...

I give up mine. I gave up mine once to a little two-year-old girl standing in a full car with her mother trying to hold onto her while the car lurched in the tunnel. Not a single businessman stood. I did (and I'm a girl in three-inch heels with a computer bag).

Anonymous said...

I've been left standing a number of times. I spent most of last year walking with a cane or with crutches.

I always got seats on the bus, but on metro adble-bodied young men would run me over and bus me aside to get to the accessible seats.

Anonymous said...

I do but that's because I had parents that taught me manners. Most today don't, so we do need this type of campaign.

Anonymous said...

they need to do ads saying "don't harass/molest people"

the ghetto kids on the train are ridiculous.

and there is always a creepy guy flirting with everyone he can

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