Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crude or Clever?

We'd been sitting on this for a few days, but Why I Hate DC beat us to the punch, and got picked up by the Examiner not once, but twice. Well done.

From Orange Line Rider Bill. "I didn't realize Cakelove was killed in Vietnam."

That wall behind the woman does look A LOT like the Vietnam War Memorial.

Crass commercialization of a solemn ode to the fallen or clever co-opting of a well known monument?

What do Unsuck readers think?

The Examiner is now reporting that the ads are going to be taken down as a result of the brouhaha.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? Get over it vets!

Mark Richman said...

You'd think that after being in a war, they'd have thicker skin. Come on people. Sticks and stones...

Anonymous said...

huh. looks like ads I've seen in other cities: a list with a chick in front.

big deal

Anonymous said...

Probably not in the best of taste, but taking them down? That's a little far.

Anonymous said...

Four posts from people who have never served, probably don't have any living relatives who served and didn't learn much about our military's misadventures (and how civilians treated the returning Vets) between WW2 and Bush Sr.'s "liberation" of Kuwait.

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