Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marketing 101

When you've got an tired, old product and you want to give it a "fresh" spin, simply slap "classic" on it. Works every time.

Taken from the back hobo corner of a 1000 series car looking at a plaque attached to the front of the next, obviously 1000 series car.

If you can't quite make out the text, it says: Classic Car, 1976-2001, Twenty five years, This is one of the original Rohr Metro cars.

The only thing we can think that comes after "classic" is "antique," but that'd probably mean it would be in a museum.

Latest crash news:
Metro control system failed test (WaPo)
Memorial service for dead Metro driver (WTOP)
Red Line delays today (WTOP)
Financial concerns trump passenger safety (WSJ) BIG OUCH!
WMATA approves $2.1 billion budget (Wash Biz Journal)
Control chief reassigned (AP)

Other news:
Bus schedule/fare changes (WMATA)
Cities' misguided spending (The Nation)
Metro has too much money (Cato)

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FlipperB said...

Can't help but wonder if there's a plaque just like this one, crumpled out of shape in the trees next to the trackbed near Takoma. gulp.

Anonymous said...


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