Friday, June 19, 2009

Caption Contest XIV

Write a caption for the above photo using the comments.

Here's our try: "LOL" (click image for larger view)

Previous caption contests here.

Photo: ekai

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Anonymous said...

Metro employees use the latest SMS technology to text step by step directions for restocking their overly complicated ticket machines.

steviepg said...

Metro has lost thousands of dollars right from under their noses as crafty criminals take advantage of security lapses.

Anonymous said...

Caption: "Oh man, I gotta tell @unsuckdcmetro about this!"

c.j. said...

I like what quix suggested. :)

...but I would add before that:
"No wonder I never get dimes as change!"

Anonymous said...

The easiest way to get a farecard

Unknown said...

I've been standing here ten minutes. Can I get my dog with mustard now?

Unknown said...

I've been standing here five minutes...Can I get my dog with mustard now please?

agirlandherdog said...

The security guard, angry about being misled by the hotdog-less hotdog cart, took her frustrations out on the farecard machines. Now we know why those things are always out of order.

Anonymous said...

"I really should get back to work, but... DAMN she's got nice legs... I'm a sucker for skirts."

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