Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food Vending Reversal is Baffling

We were baffled by the Metro Board's reversal on the idea of exploring some kind of food vending in the stations, especially after studies showed that food was pretty much the only way Metro was going to lure vendors in the first place.
We know it's a hot button issue, with some vehemently against it, including a contributor to this blog.
But, if you thought this year's budget was ugly, wait til next year. A fare increase is almost certain--not a problem for all of you making $102K--and who knows what services might get nuked.
Not that selling food is going to be a huge cash cow, but Metro, we think, should be scouring the planet for revenue streams. They appear to be doing that in some cases.
We're sure selling food will have some negative impact, but why can't Metro tell us what that would be. How much more might they have to spend in cleaning? How would that compare to potential revenue? Would they make money by actually fining violators? Maybe it would have been a huge loss because of increased pest control costs. We don't really know. Lots of questions unanswered.
Anyway, we're trying to get our heads around this decision, and we realized we never asked YOU!

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Sean Robertson said...

Please add options to the poll for those of us who really couldn't give a **** whether they allow food sales or not. Just make the g**d*** escalators and trains work, please!

Michael said...

It's not a reversal. Metro employees wanted to propose it and the Board decided not to allow it. Two different groups. What's so hard?

Let's get Metro Fixed said...

Meant it more as a reversal of what appeared to be a "course," but you're right, poor choice of words.
Still, no real explanation of the thinking.

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