Monday, June 22, 2009

One Way to Unsuck DC Metro: Telework

People dressed in suit tops, pajama bottoms and slippers were at several DC Metro stations this morning as part of a new guerrilla marketing campaign concocted by DC PR firm Qorvis and Intel. The campaign, which is called "ScratchIT," encourages people to telecommute. Conveniently, Intel has a new product that will allow users to securely access their companies' systems remotely. In addition to being humored by the odd outfits, you have a chance to win vPro Notebooks and Robeks smoothies.

According to the Washington Post, the campaign will be at Chinatown, Dupont Circle and Farragut West stations tomorrow.

H/T: @charris0n
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WashingtonGardener said...

I missed them but I did have the "joy" of some 10+ tourists getting on at Union Station and HOLDING the door open until all got on - warning after warning - I was sure they'd firce us out of service.

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