Thursday, June 25, 2009

Right. It's Just In Our Heads

"What that really means is that we get a bad rap," says Metro spokesperson Angela Gates. "For instance, if there is a delay during morning rush hour and we have a bad morning rush hour, that whole week, people are talking about how bad that rush hour was. They don't realize that for the last month we have had perfectly fine rush hours." Source

aehickle Getting really sick of catching a cab home every night- come on @wmata, fix the Red Line and send more trains in the meantime!!! #wmata fail
Rizzz #WMATA in one week - the deadliest crash in its history, and two cracked rails. FANTASTIC.
nikki_d kinda disturbed by the number of cracked rails today. stay safe out there my metro riding friends. i will stick to sneakers #wmata
Emmaleigh504 it sucks when both your primary route and backup route home are delayed #wmata fail
Campariman @unsuckdcmetro Now multiple emergencies daily on #wmata #metro rail are the new normal.
stereogab wondering how many reports of cracked #wmata metro rails we'll be hearing about in the coming weeks.
jamie_bear WMATA = FUBAR. Looks like someone is taking the bus home again today.
elbowglitter I'm pretty sure the entire DC Metro system is falling apart. Cracked rails on the Green and Red lines plus sensor issues? Fun. #wmata
krbzmom Metro is NOT having the best week ever! #wmata #metro #vh1
AlexaNoruk Not a great week for DC Metro...first the terrible accident, now they find two cracked rails in one day, again slowing the commute? Yikes.
rj4dcu @MikeLastort but if they are finding that many cracks something tells me they have a Quality Control #FAIL #WMATA
rmyadsk So WMATA is putting its 1000-series cars in the middle of trains. I would prefer they put them in the junkyard or make beer cans from them.
heymeghann WHAT THE FUCK, DC METRO?!
Rizzz. I called it early - I'm catching a ride home.There is no way I will make it from Dupont Circle to Rockville in under 2 hours
terryhatch Metro really? One train every 15 min during rush hour?! WTF!? You kill 9 ppl then add undue stress to the tracks? Brilliant. #wmata #fail
JosephJClark not looking forward to trying to get home #wmata
reallozeeroseThanks for the bumpy, sweaty ride WMATA. As I was going to say, another 90 day in aheated car.
rwilcox Dc metro delay on both lines i use. No getting around it. Argh.lekohari Second day in a row the red line towards Shady Grove overshot its stop at Union Station. What's going on? #wmata
map408psu #wmata Metro Center and I are a hot sweaty mess. Should've walked the mile and a half to Union Station instead.
jessabean More cracks in the red line rails? I'm going to get a beer and wait out delays. This week is cursed!!!
IAmAru there are still 1000 series cars as the first one on #redline trains. The silver spring board isn't showing DC-bound trains.
TwittsGalore this is the final straw...i am officially done with the dc metro. i will be hoofing it from now on.
mr_suh eek looks like problems everywhere on metro today...#wmata
vboykis Have you ever felt like one of 100 sperm trying to fertilize an egg? I have, on the Metro today. #wmata
theKyleBogucki@metroopensdoors enough already! Just fix the G-D metro! And get me home!
rkcrawf TWO cracked rails on DC metro today. Green and red lines. @barackobama this should be 100% federally funded.
ericaAKAmelo i really dont kno whats worse..dc cabs or the dc metro. both are the jones times 10.
Jasbelyn @wmata - Really? 1 Yllw line train for every 4 running thru Archives? During rush hour? This is BS!
FlipperB Morning commute: emptiest rush-hour Yellow in months. Afternoon: Packed platform, packed trains. Bonus: 18H bus has HEAT on. #wmata
chickgonebad Really starting to wonder if hitchhiking might be faster and safer than Metro.
julesdcNot sure if it is a good idea to follow @unsuckdcmetro & @metroopensdoors. Apparently, terrible mess of a #WMATA #fail today. TGIDrove.
MashaMashaMasha What the fffffffffffffffuck WMATA? Why can't you do anything right? 30 min wait for a bus and 60 min delay on the metro? I hate you.
Vision14X #wmata the conditions at metro ct are subhuman... i feel like i'm in a can
FlipperB Maybe #wmata should take a few weeks off. Park the trains, turn off the 3rd rail, and we'll all just bike or Segway through the tunnels.
itslikesovonni: Im goin to the mall and i refuse to let #wmata and its killing spree frenzy screw me over today. I will HARPOON BITCHES ON THIS TRAIN!
Emmaleigh504: I think wmata needs to give put Valium at the gate.
heyjulieann: On the Orange, sitting in the tunnel between Smithsonian and L'Enfant. Most lights are out. #wmata
LWILLIAMSJust had THE most unpleasant ride home on metro


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a public advocacy group for Metro riders? This should be one of the largest and most active political groups in metro DC.

Metro sucks more and more and we just suffer throught it.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

There is/was one: tried contacting them, but it seems rather moribund.

Aaron B. Pryor said...

I will tell you what, Unsuck DC Metro: I have hereby resolved to stay off of the train as much as I possibly can.

Buses take longer, but man, they are oh so much more pleasant.

This is coming from a guy who's been riding the trains in D.C. for 28 years. They have at long last managed to turn me into a bus rider.

That is how bad it's gotten.

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