Monday, June 22, 2009


This is a bad one.

Fox 5 reporting a collision.
WJLA reporting injuries and one train on top of another.
WaPo on accident.

WTOP is reporting one death.
According to WMATA,
Trains are operating between Glenmont and Brookland and Between Shady Grove and Brookland stations and from Glenmont to Takoma Metrorail stations for the remainder of the day.
Fox 5 streaming coverage here.
Avoid the Red Line for the rest of the day.

Latest from WaPo


Unknown said...

Metro spokesperson will not admit that there's a head on collision. Wow, this is terrible. There are fire and rescue on the scene. Fox news is showing live shots of the accident. Number of people injured, people trapped on the trains.

And Metro will not officially admit that the collision happened.

Near Michigan Ave

Unknown said...

At least one confirmed death


Anonymous said...

Stupid single-tracking.

Anonymous said...

According to other sites, the metro is suggesting avoiding it the rest of the afternoon. Major collision, and people are still being rescued from the trains. One person confirmed killed; avoid at all costs tonight.

Unknown said...

According to press conference, four confirmed dead.

Apparently a train was parked at Ft Totten Metro, and another train plowed into the rear of it.

How does that happen? Aren't they computerized????

Anonymous said...

All those weekends waiting for half an hour for a train because of track maintenance; going through a 22-percent fair hike to fund such maintenance; and then, when a tragedy like this does happen, a cavalier attitude when dealing with the press. This is completely unacceptable, and the hundreds of thousands of commuters that rely on this system deserve better than to feel that their fates are at the hands of such an incompetent organization whenever they want to move about town.

Meg McCormick said...

The weird thing was, Dupont Circle station was already packed and they were offloading Shady Grove-bound trains and sending them back towards Glenmont. After 15 minutes, I left the station to find a taxi. This was around 5pm, right when the collision happened. Things were already dismal on the Red Line. I'm watching the news now to see how previous incidents may have played into the terrible crash.

And today? I'm teleworking.

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