Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evenly Spread Delays

Official delays plagued the Red Menace and Blue and Yellow lines this morning, and the Orange line appeared to be sputtering:
dfriez #wmata says the disruption is cleared on the Red line, but we are still moving very slowly. This always happens when I need to be somewhere
echardje #Metro #WMATA thanks for ruining my morning. Been at a standstill far too long, I do have work you know.
artod4789 The DC Metro this morning is the reason I hate this place sometimes!
mwredfern I want to thank DC Metro for having machines that were not taking credit cards this morning. Did you work out a deal with chase bank? :)
MalnurturedSnay Usually, I get on the Metro bright and early because problems happen later in the day. Not today, WTF red line?
moos3 Red line delay what the hell
Jennifer_10_25 Screen says next train is a 2 car orange line.....? Brillant!?
DebBreining 40 mins Franconia to Rosslyn. Now 13mins til next orange line. Argh!
echardje "We expect to be moving momentarily" that means absolutely nothing. Blue line to Largo @ King Street.
marydavie Metrorail blue line delayed due to track circuit problems - they are doing a great job updating us as we sit here
ProphMoff delays on the yellow line - again. Awesome! Its cool, I'll just wait here.
ahwahoo2006This could be bad: i can see a train @ brddck a train btw brad and king st and one in king st @unsuckdcmetro #wmata
mrsjoshuaford good times on the red ac...= guess this is my new version of commuting being a 'hot mess' :) #fb
krempley Dear WMATA: you absolutely suck. Untrained gophers could run a better public transit system.
MelissaMsK WTF, Metro? Red line is ridic. crowded this am. Felt like a sardine after Union Station. Lost my cool w/people trying to push on. #wmata
jacqaluyan Just heard a guy yell at a metro operator cause of the delays on the blue line this week-after screaming at him he says "I refuse to stand"
MsCarley Morning y' to avoid traffic I decided to take the train to national line was like super delayed
tiffanylatimer @wmata...never fails...metro is never on time.
laurenist Red Line fail. (But could WMATA ever do something that pleased me? Or even didn't anger me? Doubtful.)
jeditrainee Got to Pentagon at 8am. Full Yellow trains, "No Passenger" train, full Blue trains. Finally, EMPTY Yellow train at 8:24am! Aaahhhh!!! #wmata
RegBazile Red Line Frndshp inbound, still delayed! #wmata
Triffids DC metro blue and orange lines still delayed...ugghh
danielwanke I'm so glad that Metro long ago killed my concept of personal space. I think buses in India are less crowded than the Blue Line was this AM.
hurricanept Red line got stuck @union for 5 minutes while doors wouldn't close and then had to shut down one car. Minor, but a pain.


c.j. said...

Thanks for the post! This is quickly becoming one of my routine "have to check that this morning before heading out" internet stops... and I don't have to worry about any delays preventing me from reaching my destination.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Great to hear! Glad you like the blog.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I was on the platform (Woodley Park) at 6:10am and didn't get to Grosvenor until almost 6:50. Fortunately, this is one of only a handful of times over the last year I've had Metro trouble so early in the morning.

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