Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Never Heard of a Safety Brochure?

We were sort of zoning out the other day on the Metro, and don't ask us why, but we became enthralled with the emergency procedure poster pictured here.
In addition to being befuddled by Metro's willy-nilly style guide, we noticed the sign invited us to ask "any Station Manager" for a safety brochure should we want more information.
Addison's escape story and all this talk about premature door opening made us think we should read up, so we decided to ask our local station manager at East Falls Church.
Nice enough guy, probably in the top percentile of front line Metro employees we've encountered, but he didn't have a safety brochure, and he didn't even know what one was.
Which one is the third rail again?

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Addison said...

I can just picture that conversation, much like when Lisa asks Apu what happens if someone asks for non-alcoholic beer...

Metro Suit #1: "We should say we have a safety brochure, it will make people feel safe."

Metro Suit #2: "But it costs money to make a brochure."

Metro Suit #1: "No, we should just SAY we have a safety brochure."

Brady Bonk said...

It says "Leave wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles or other bulky items on train."

Leave wheelchairs?

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