Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Is Not a Repost

You know it's going to be a bad commute when you walk into a station during rush hour, and an empty train sits there for 15 minutes.
Hate to be repetitious, but...

Blue/orange to Rosslyn is all kinds of sucked right now. An hour from Cap South out.

spottybones Stuck on an Orange Line train under the river waiting for a train ahead with door problems [sigh] #wmata

nigelmoose Wednesday #metrofail part two. Let me guess, you "regret the inconvenience" @wmata ?

sillydoggies Train w/ door issues @ Rosslyn screwed up Blue/Orange to VA. #metrofail #wmata

ahwahoo2006 Rosslyn packed - no train times listed on display #metro #wmata #fail @unsuckdcmetro

tinyraisins Time to wrestle w/ WMATA...

rickallen Orange line train to Vienna is full of passengers and just sitting on the Farragut West platform. Not good for commuters on that line.

aimeejackson What is this? Metro-pocolypse day? The only one of my possible metro lines not experiencing delays is the red line. Loverly!

esermo Get your shit together wmata

prettygirlmira i hate the fucking metro. wmata, can you ruin my day even more??
PatrickFeng Metro thoroughly crapped itself..good job wmat
jhensley2 Who broke @wmata today? Sloooow ride hom
seh79 oh metro, I could walk home faster :( #wmata
SillyboyVA ...another day, another f'ed up #wmata commute!!!

mcurbo #dc Getting stuck on the DC Metro underneath the Potomac River for 30 minutes is not fun.

toddeherman For my DC friends: do NOT get on Orange Line, Cap-South to Vienna! 20 Mins from Cap-South to McPherson! #MetroFail

malinian Alas, the woes of commuting. The orange line going in direction of Vienna was atrocious.

csatari blue/orange line delays. FML! Late to work @ job # 2.....there must be good karma in my near future or I might poke out my eyes!

gwenbeattie WMATA, you make arguments about the benefits of competition too easy. #metrosucks


julieann said...

uhh, super glad i left work late as hell, and was going toward new carrollton. no meltro for me tonight, thank fuck!

Brady Bonk said...

I ended up cabbing it. Sometimes, you just gotta hail a cab.

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