Monday, June 1, 2009

This is Better Than the WMATA Instructional Video

Looks like the Orange Line is failing this morning, which will mean a lot of teed off Metro riders.
However, if you ever hated Metro, take a look at this. Whoever created it was surely a Red or Orange line rider at some point--with a lot of pent up hostility.
The name of the game is The Conduit: Commuter Nightmare, but we think it should be The Conduit: Commuter Catharsis.
We've had some pretty dark thoughts during a Metro suckathon, but never quite to this extreme. Well, maybe it's gotten close to this bad for those people who decide to look for their farecards AT the gate.
Not gamers here, so the game may suck, too.
Which do you prefer, this video or WMATA's be nice video?

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Anonymous said...

hahhahha. great find!

Anonymous said...

Nice game. Does it come out in a PS3 version

Anonymous said...

I would not be posting if you did not have this stupid website running. I would like to see you all run Metro and see how you fair. Apparently, these are lonely people (not me because I can't wait to finish this email to you)and no life after dark. Oh, cannot be posted because you fix the system to reject all negative comments about the website.

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