Monday, June 8, 2009

Metro's Be Nice Campaign Lost on Many

Recently, Metro launched a courtesy campaign ostensibly to teach unthoughtful, insensitive and rude passengers to give up their seats to people who need them.
We suppose, as one reader pointed out, it doesn't hurt for Metro to try, but we think people who are, let's face it, assholes, are so for reasons too deep rooted for a Metro PSA campaign to reach.
Exhibit A: this story from Chad. It's a pretty amazing display of callousness. If you think riding the Metro sucks, imagine what it must be like in a wheelchair with these kinds of fellow passengers.

We had a Red Line train go out of service the other morning at Rhode Island/Brentwood. Of course, we all had to unload (in the rain) and wait for the next train. When the next train arrived, there was the usual crush to try and cram on. There was a guy in a wheelchair that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON gave way to. I witnessed people actually step in from of this guy as they vied for their prime spot/seat.

Sadly, as I disembarked at Gallery Place/Chinatown the same situation was replaying itself on the platform, this time with a different wheel chaired patron attempting to board the train I had just gotten off. Another swarm of jerks.

When I got down to the Yellow Line platform headed for the Pentagon, the same guy who I had witnessed getting blocked at Rhode Island earlier was about to have the same thing happen to him again! It was enough for me, and I stepped in front of the rushing people, blocking them from the door until this poor guy was able to get on.

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Danny said...

Hooray for people who think of others first!

Anonymous said...

I am occasionally wheelchair bound--knee trouble--and I have *no problem* responding with my own particular brand of vengeance. 260 pounds of me, rolling over the toes of unfriendly fellow riders, is usually educational.

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