Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suck the Orange!

Hey Metro, we tried to post a nice story. Would have loved to keep that on top all morning, but...

Why must the Orange Line continue to have delays & problems? Lots of issues since Memorial Day...grrr.
BlaireLu just when you think riding the metro cannot get any worse, it does
isitdinneryet okay, what's the deal with the orange and blue THIS morning? Platform tot packed. This is like the commuter week from hell.
hostagehoosier another crappy morning on the orange crush. Packed trains because of a problem at wfc
chidimmaj: memo to the washingtonians of the blue/orange line: please walk like you have somewhere to go. Thank you.
erincarly: Waiting to get my ID photo taken. Too bad I've got the Orange Line Grumpy Face on today. What a nasty commute this morning.
hostagehoosier the fail whale has taken up residence on the orange line. he floats back and forth leaving a path of distruction in his wake.
Tional: F the orange line, and Metro in general. Can't wait to get my car back.
tombogle: consider this - i've been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the beltway, and im actually happy i was NOT on the Orange line this morning!
ScottGentzen: Orange line is all f'd up again today. Great
theOrangeLine: The dumb orange line doors wont close this morning at west falls church
creightonc: The @DCMetroOrange busted my hump this am. Happy Hump Day to you too @wmata...
bgallagher22201: WMATA sends out updates on wknd Orange Line track work today, but nada on the current clusterf****. Awesome

Other news:
Metro to open at 5 a.m. Saturday for Race for the Cure
Metro General Manager to host online chat this Friday

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Anonymous said...

I thought I heard them say it was a platform malfunction. What is that?

Anonymous said...

Tourists and school groups must be banned during rush hour. Regardless of malfunction, the Rosslyn platform is always packed with these fools.

Anonymous said...

I hate riding metro as much as the rest of you, but consider this: If today's delays were due to doors not closing at WFC, that is due to people NOT LETTING THEM CLOSE AND JAMMING IN.

Hostage Hoosier said...

I saw the train whose doors wouldnt close as it went through efc... let me tell you, packed to the gills. The fail whale strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Good luck whenyou lose your SMARTRIP card. I have registered a complaint about this to the Metro email; however they didn't response to my most recent concern. I lost my SmarTrip card on Monday and the SmarTrip card machine at Twinbrook has not been working for months. I was told that both Giant and CVS sell these cards, so I went to my neighborhood Giant, but they did not receive a delivery as they should every Friday. (Some bank delivers these cards). I spoke to the manager who told me he called them early last week and would call to expedit the request. He called another Giant for me and they were sold out. I called the Giant in Wheaton, MD and they did not have any - no reason given. I also called a CVS and they had none. The next morning, I bought a SmarTrip card from the Grosvenor station. Also, does anyone notice that the escalators are never out of service at the Grosvenor station for very long, but in DC they are out for months. I know that the escalator at the Federal Center metro stop has been out of service since before Thanksgiving. and the other escaltor is not running so commuters need to share one escaltor for entering and exiting the metro.

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