Friday, June 12, 2009

Metro's Rap Gap

While we're on the hip hop tip, WTOP has a story this morning about a report issued by Understanding Government saying that Metro has a "reputation deficit."
Metro spokesman Angela Gates goes on the record in the article saying Metro gets a bad rap.
This is partially true, but we feel a good deal of that is Metro's own doing.
Then, her comments take a strange turn, blaming the bad rap on riders. At least that's how we read it.
"If there is a delay during morning rush hour, and we have a bad morning rush hour, that whole week, people are talking about how bad that rush hour was."
She then goes on to say "They don't realize that for the last month we have had perfectly fine rush hours."
Not sure when she said that, but it certainly must have been before this week.
The report does site Metro's very positive role in redevelopment and the possibility of Metrobus alleviating traffic woes.
We'd love to hear what you think of this. To us, Gates seems to be saying it's our fault Metro doesn't work as well as we'd like it to.
Come on Metro, at least take SOME of the blame for your rap gap.


julieann said...

she must never ride the orange line. sorry lady, it really is like that all the time.

Rob said...

Metro employees live in this delusional world where they do no wrong. And it's us pesky "riders" who pay their salary that cause all the problems. Nevermind the fact that they open doors in tunnels, can't effectively police their own system, have some bad station managers, drivers and train operators. Nope, it's the riders fault for demanding that the system our fare money and tax dollars pay for actually works efficiently.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Gates gets to work in the morning? does she use a flying carpet, ride a unicorn, or does she simply delude herself into thinking she is in the office?

Anonymous said...

So Ms. Gates thinks its unfair that Metro gets a bad rap when something goes wrong, there is a bad rush hour, and many people are late to work?

I wonder if in a past life, Ms. Gates did public relations for Ford's Theater: "That Mrs. Lincoln is always complaining about something. But in fact, the play got excellent reviews, and people forget that until now, we haven't experienced a single assassination all month - in fact, not even all year. So we really are just getting kind of a bad rap here for no good reason."

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