Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bethesda Riders Rejoice ... Briefly

Photos courtesy of Andrew

@nicolesoufi It's a cruel joke that the day after #WMATA fixed the right platform escalator at Bethesda, they closed the left one.

From Andrew:
The Bethesda escalator situation is great. First the sign said the platform escalator would be fixed in June. That didn't happen. Next it said July. It was fixed in August.

Now, the other side of the escalator is closed, and it says it won't be in service until October, which really means sometime in 2011. By the time this one is fixed, the other side will probably be broken again from inactivity (Now it's a two-way staircase.). If there ever were any kind of emergency at Bethesda station, hordes of people would be trapped.

Why didn't they just put a sign up that said October to begin with? I guess that would be too logical.

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