Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MetroBus Allegedly Hits Car and Flees

A tipster said they saw a Metrobus rear end another car and flee the scene earlier today. Arlington Police confirm an incident involving a Metrobus, which they said took place at Glebe Rd. and Fairfax Dr. They didn't have further details, but said they had officers at the scene.

WMATA said "It is alleged, and we are investigating."

Stay tuned for details if/when they become available.

3:19 UPDATE ArlNow.com has more details here.


At 1:21 p.m., a Metrobus that was not in service, struck the rear of an auto at Glebe Road and Fairfax Drive, in Arlington, VA. Three people were in the auto which was stopped at the time. The three occupants of the auto declined medical attention. There was moderate damage to the auto and the bus. The bus operator was cited.

The driver of the bus was removed from service and is undergoing the standard drug and alcohol test.

The operator has been a Metro employee since September 2000.
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