Monday, August 9, 2010

New Fare Charts Misleading?

From Amanda:

I've attached a picture of the new fare signage from King Street Metro, which is a major Metro fail. The new sign says that using a SmarTrip card saves you 25 cents each trip, but does not explicitly say that those using paper farecards need to factor that in to their fare.

To make matters worse, the one-way regular and reduced fares are listed using the SmarTrip card fare, while the peak of the peak is listed using the paper farecard fare.

I can already see all the tourists putting their farecard in over and over again, trying to get the gate to open, when they don't have the correct fare. I'm pretty sure a 3rd grader could have made a more coherent sign. Way to go Metro.

From John:

I noticed this when waiting for my Orange Line train at West Falls Church. The sign clearly states that you need to add 25 cents to each fare for paper farecards. But they're wrong! The regular fare column is indeed the SmarTrip fare, but the peak-of-the-peak fare is at the paper fare card rate. Look at the picture--notice that the difference in the fares is 45 cents, not 20 cents! So now what do they do--replace the correction signs, or replace the fare charts?

I fear that this is throughout the system. I saw it on the fare chart on the map on the WFC platform and on the kiosks at Vienna.

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