Thursday, August 5, 2010

Operator Attempts to Steer Herd

From Kristin:

A video I took today on the Orange Line. I've gotta hand it to the operator--people crowding into the last car, when they could just walk down the platform, drive me nuts, too.

I had gotten on at Eastern Market, headed toward Vienna. By the time we got to Federal Center, the operator was reminding everyone how many doors there are on the train and inviting boarders to use all of them. By L'Enfant, he was calling out people individually: "Sir with the large bag, please do not allow it to block the doors. If it doesn't fit, move to another car." By Smithsonian, where this video was taken,, he was on a roll.

I got off at Metro Center, and, as I was headed up the escalator, I simply heard *door chime* "SPREAD OUT." *door chime* "SPREAD OUT."

What can I say? I think I kind of like this guy.
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