Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Draw a Knife on Metro and Walk Away?

This post has been updated.

As you may have read this morning, the Washington Post reported that a knife was drawn on Metro Tuesday evening.

Here's an alleged firsthand account from Damon:
Four teenagers, three girls and one guy, were fooling around, taking up three rows of seats. One girl started yelling "mother f*cker" at the top off her lungs. I had noise canceling headphones on, and I could still hear her.

I asked the girl to quiet down. She turned to me, and all four started cursing and threatening me.

She even got up and acted like she was going to charge me, but one of the other girls held her back.

Then, a very nice man came over and told me it wasn’t worth saying anything to them.

Right before the doors were going to open, the young man in the group of kids stood up with something cupped in his hand. I could not tell what it was.

I knew he was going to try something, so I stood up, and that’s when the off-duty Capitol Hill Police security guard told him to drop what he was holding in his hands, which turned out to be a knife!

In the end, no charges were filed by the Metro police, but I gave a statement, as did the Capitol Hill cop guard.

This kid is going to kill somebody, and the blood will be on Metro.

I can be arrested for eating chips on the train, but not for carrying a 6-inch blade and pulling it out.

I’m outraged that these kids now know they can do whatever they want, and riders are the ones being held hostage until they decide to get off of the train.
Damon later wrote back later saying he'd been contacted by a Metro detective.

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