Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WTFoggy Bottom?

From Meredith:
Is there any information about Foggy Bottom? More than half of the turnstiles don't let people through, and on several occasions, they've opened up the gates and waved everyone through. I don't know if they did that because NONE of the gates worked (what one co-worker said happened when she was there) or if the lines to get through became so long that they just decided to open things up. The other morning, only three gates were working to exit the station at 8:30 a.m!

One morning, they waved us through without swiping to exit, and when I went to swipe in the afternoon, there was no problem. However, the times that I've been sent into the Metro without swiping, I've had to "See Station Manager" upon exiting in Vienna. All I have to say is "I got on at Foggy Bottom," and the station manager sends me through the gate without paying

As a side note, there are two station managers at Vienna in the afternoons/evenings who are extremely friendly and helpful.
From Metro:
We are currently working on some hardware issues (cables) at Foggy Bottom between the station’s computer and the faregates. We have specialists who have been working to fix it. It is important to repair because if we send new “fare tables” for new fares to that station, a functioning cable ensures that everything gets updated correctly.
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