Friday, January 28, 2011


Has anything like this happened to anyone out there?

From J., a new reader to the site.
I would have laughed at the time, but that would have meant publicly acknowledging the existence of the male genitals positioned roughly a foot from my head, with a barrier of mere tinted Yellow Line window glass separating the two.

As it was, my eyes might have widened slightly, as my sleepy brain registered what I was seeing.

Of course, I tried not to react, to give no satisfaction to the man who'd decided his privates needed some air. To leave the confines of his trousers and ... wave (?) hello at the passenger occupying the window seat toward the middle of the train car, which happened to be me.

I wasn't at my stop, so I didn't get off the train to report him. And as far as I could ascertain, nobody else had seen anything.

It is entirely possible that when it happened again, over a year later and at a different stop, that it was the same person. Different line, though, and different stop. I'd switched to Orange in the interim.

I can't be sure, though, as I wasn't paying such close attention to remember any details of the, erm ... individual's appearance.

I've been in the area for close to 10 years (this happened roughly three and two years ago), so I figured I was due for a good flashing - I remember all kinds of nonsense just like this on the trains in NYC and Paris.

A quick poll of friends and coworkers reveals that only one other acquaintance has experienced a flashing incident on the DC Metro, which leads me to wonder if even our sexual deviants are underperforming.
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