Friday, January 14, 2011

More Senseless Violence

Oddly familiar. From an anonymous reader:
Yesterday morning, I was sitting on a bench at Stadium Armory awaiting my Orange Line train. I was engrossed in some reading material and listening to music.

All of a sudden, out of NOWHERE, I was hit, hard, in the back of my head. It was very painful.

I turned around to see who did it, and I saw a young woman jumping off the end of the bench.

I said "excuse me" very loudly to get this person's attention.


A blank stare.

I said "excuse me" again, this time louder. (This person was also wearing headphones.) She then responded, leveling obscenities at me including "f*ck you white bitch. Maybe you were in my way. Don't act like you can just own this place and tell me what to do."

I was very stunned and tried not to get angry.

My train was arriving, so I calmly turned around and walked to it.

As I was doing so, this woman continued to yell at me, with quite a bit of vehemence and obscenity.

As I got on the Metro, she took her soda--which she shouldn't have had, according to Metro's rules--and threw it at me.

It narrowly missed me and landed on the floor between several other patrons on the car.

The entire time this was happening, this woman was yelling and swearing loudly, and making extremely racist remarks towards me.

I have NO idea what prompted this woman to behave in such a way.

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