Thursday, January 27, 2011

How'd Metro Do?

Via @jessy6341 Where stranded #WMATA buses go to die. #McLeanGardens

Via @BeeZales 3 buses stuck on Connecticut Ave @unsuckdcmetro #wmata Glad I decided to walk instead.

Metro got off to a shaky start during yesterday's storm, but by the end of the commute, it was better to be on the rails than on the roads.

From Frustrated (Usually, but not Tonight) on the Orange Line:
I complain about Metro a lot, but tonight Metro was positively a breeze compared to what happened (is still happening) on the roads.

Leaving Farragut West at 6:15 p.m., it took less than an hour to get to Vienna.

So, kudos Metro! This almost makes up for all the commutes you've screwed up for me in the past.
The buses were another story, but there were several mentions on Twitter of bus drivers doing their absolute utmost to battle the elements and deliver their passengers safely.
@huetteman Metro bus driver just stopped, got out, and helped push a stuck car out of the way on an icy hill. What a woman!
One has to wonder if OPM, which seems decision averse, is at least partially to blame for Metro's initial suck spasm. Did they give Metro enough time to prepare for early release?

How was your commute?
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