Monday, January 23, 2012

Rude and Ignorant Employees Don't Win Hearts and Minds

I don't know these employees' story, but it's commonly known that Metro often stashes problem employees in station manager and other customer service positions. I wonder if they're rethinking the policy.

From anonymous:
One night, while trying to exit a Metro station after a long train ride that involved a train malfunction, my SmartTrip card just stopped working.

The station manager wouldn’t get off the phone to answer my questions. Even worse, she screamed at me when I continued to ask questions. Instead, she finally just let me, and several others who were having issues, through the gate.

I decided to replace the card.

I was annoyed that I had to pay five dollars to replace something I did not cause to stop working and, since I'm disabled, I had to go through the additional hassle of going to the Pentagon sales office to get my replacement, reduced fare SmarTrip card. Nonetheless, I accepted my fate and was going to be a good sport about it.

When I got to the Pentagon sales office, I was ready. I had read up on the Metro disabled card application that people with a Medicare card and an ID didn’t have to apply for a Metro disabled card. By showing my Medicare card with ID, I got my first disabled Smartrip Card, and that was only a few months ago.

However, the woman employee working at the sales office was rude and argued with me.

She was ignorant enough to tell me that anybody can get a Medicare card. She told me that I had to have my doctor fill out a form to get a disabled card.

I knew this was wrong and asked to speak to someone else.

She wouldn’t let me and was degrading.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, and she gave me a phone number.

I walked off a little ways and called the phone number on my cell phone. It was her!

She continued to be rude, argue with me, and tried convince me she was right. I realized this was wasted energy.

Instead, I called the 800 number on the back of my non-working SmarTrip card.

I explained the situation, and they mailed a replacement to me.

It actually arrived in about three days!

Once I got home, I rechecked the Metro policy on obtaining a disabled Smartrip card. It is right there on the application for a disabled card:
Medicare recipients under the age of 65 automatically qualify for reduced fares and do not need to complete an application. Medicare recipients under 65 years of age can purchase a reduced fare SmarTrip® card or a Metro reduced fare card by showing a valid photo ID and their original valid Medicare ID card at commuter stores or other select retail outlets.
I was right. I filled a complaint online. Metro is, as usual, “looking into it.”
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