Monday, April 16, 2012

Add your Voice

From Kurtis Hiatt:
Dear Unsuck readers:

I was recently the victim of an assault on the Metro. A man who was screaming "F--- the white man!" head-butted me and punched me--completely unprovoked, and during a 7 a.m. commute, no less.

What was more troubling than the assault, however, was Metro's response.

The conductor ignored it, the station manager did nothing while he watched the assailant walk by him, and, because of an ineffective Metro Transit Police dispatcher, an officer did not respond until 15 minutes after I called 911.

This is detailed in an account I wrote for The Washington Post.

Beyond the police report (the assailant was arrested and charged), I've filed a formal complaint with Metro, requesting an investigation into the situation and a review of its emergency policies. I haven't heard back yet.

Many comments have already been posted from people with similar experiences, and past posts on this blog tell similar harrowing stories of safety issues on Metro.

So this is where I could use some help.

I'm going to send another complaint to the Metro board, and I'd like to make it stronger by adding more personal accounts from riders who have had safety issues on the train, particularly if you were disappointed in Metro's response. The more details about the situation, the better.

Please add your complaint in the comments and cc, and I will add it to the formal complaint.

When/if you email, please include your name and at least a phone number or e-mail in case the board members ask for contact information.

Thanks for your help!

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