Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blind Adherence to Rules

Metro sources all tell me Metro likes to write blanket rules that are to be followed blindly, no matter what the situation. The rules are largely written by people who don't ride or don't bother to get out of their cozy offices to take a look at the real-world implications of the rules they make.

Here's an example where pulling to the end of the platform, ostensibly because automatic train operation is still science fiction at Metro, doesn't make sense.

What are some others?

From Paul:
I don't know how many other platforms are like this, but it's completely ridiculous to insist on having all trains at all stations pull all the way up to the front of the platform regardless of the situation.

For example, it is causing turmoil at Fort Totten.

There is only one set of escalators and one set of stairs down to the Green Line platform. Both of those leave you short of the train--if it's a six-car train in the direction of Branch Ave.

I've done this transfer enough to note that the Red Line train to Shady Grove and the Green Line to Branch Ave. arrive at just about the same time every morning at approximately 7:58.

Every day, there is a mad rush to get to this train.

So people are not only running down the escalators, they have to run another car-length or so to get to the train, and then there's this mass of humanity all looking to cram themselves in.

And then they yell at people for holding the car-doors open.

Six-car trains plus platform stairs at the rear-end of the train plus train pulled all the way forward ... You don't have to be a math wizard to figure out this equation.

You can argue that these folks should all be patient and wait for an eight-car train, but why is Metro even putting people in this situation to begin with?

You would think there would be room for some common sense in certain situation.

Oh wait. This is Metro. What am I saying?
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