Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sick of Marketing

From Rav:
With Metro about to raise fares--again, why are they hiring a director of marketing for up to $182,188 in annual salary? The PR arm of Metro is already bigger than the safety arm!

Furthermore, why do they need a new marketing director if they already outsource marketing campaigns like the brilliantly lame Metroforward?

Speaking of Metroforward, it's starting to look like they're the only ones willing to advertise in Metro.

Am I the only one sick of Metro becoming more of a marketing entity than a transit agency?

I don't want to fill out yet another survey (a particularly intrusive one, I might add) that asks for my address!

I don't want gimmicky contests and lame prizes like a "poster combo pack."

What I want is affordable, reliable and safe transit in DC.

Let the performance speak for itself. Use all the PR and marketing money to help make Metro work!

All the marketing in the world is not going to cover up what a woeful and super expensive system Metro has become.

Over marketing and constant spin is the last gasp of Metro's death spiral.

Here's my slogan: Rediscover the bike, the walk, the carpool. Anything but Metro!
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