Friday, April 6, 2012

Too Little Enforcement?


Interested to hear from people who've called MTPD. (If you can remember the number, that is.)

From a Metro insider/rider:
The other day, I witnessed two women jump the fare gates at the elevator lobby at Gallery Place.

When I spoke to them they said, "who would ever pay for this? I have been caught before, and they just let me go! Too much trouble for those cops to deal with."

Mind you, they were both boarding with drinks and food that they were enjoying.

Wonder how prevalent this is?

I know these two were very comfortable just jumping the gate.

Also, if there can be a live line for sexual harassment complaints - why not for all criminal activity?

Try to get a cop when you need one!

Calling 962-2121 does no good!

Too many officers hanging out in station back rooms or on the bridge at Gallery Place (instead of the walking the platforms) or in the back rooms hidden in parking structures.

Our new motto should be: Too many cops, too little enforcement.
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