Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rider Reports Truly Bizarre Incident at Rockville

From Michael:
While walking up to the Rockville station, there was a girl in a skirt simply lying on the sidewalk outside the steps to the Metro—right near where the buses pull up.

It was confusing to see this person just on the ground, limbs akimbo. I actually wondered if she needed help or was OK, since she was kind of squirming about flashing everyone.

My wondering stopped once she leaned up onto her hands and knees and did some sort of weird rhythmic bouncing.

I have never been more enthused that I could absorb myself into playing Words With Friends and try to ignore what was going on in front of me.

Unfortunately, to get into the station one had to pass by whatever the hell was going on before me. While I walked by, the girl stood up and then used one of the Metro sign poles as a makeshift … well, pole.

It was then that you could actually make out the attire of the girl: somewhat short plaid skirt, black top with crests and seals and the like. Clearly, she was wearing the outfit of some sort of Catholic/private school. Oh, and she looked very young. Awesome. There was an underage girl doing some sort of bizarre striptease outside the Metro.

Once in the station, waiting for the Glenmont train, one can see down to where the buses pull up. The girl was still out there doing some weird booty dancing, her skirt around her waist, twirling about like this was some 2 Live Crew video gone wrong. Again, just gazing at this was such so bizarre and awkward, I again glued myself to Words With Friends and hoped the five minutes until the next train would come quickly.

Minutes passed, still no train. I looked up to see the time for the train to arrive and take me away from whatever the hell was going on below. Of course, the girl was still out there “dancing.” Only now she had her shirt lifted up and tied around her neck. She also was pounding on buses, flipping them off, and running about. So clearly, what originally possibly could’ve been done as some dare or bet now has turned into “this girl probably has something mentally wrong at the moment and needs help.”

To make matters worse, there were Metro employees outside of the station. None of them did anything to stop the surreal scene. By any means, I’m not some moral guardian who thinks any indecent act leads us on a slippery slope to anarchy, but is a Metro stop really the place for this? Really, considering this girl looked 16 and was dressed in the garb of a high school student, is there any place for this?

Finally, what looked like a Metro employee from my vantage point (blue outfit, patches, etc.) approached the girl. In a rational world where the Metro works like it should work, you would expect him to get her to stop. Nope. Instead the man walked about ten feet behind the girl, took out his camera phone and started recording/taking photos of what was unfolding before him. Obviously, filming a half naked teenager took precedence over doing his job.

The Red Line train arrived, and he was still just recording, the girl still bouncing all over in a state of undress. I expect some issues on the DC Metro, but seriously, this is the first time I’ve rode the Metro where I had to go home and make some herbal tea, listen to Tori Amos, and cry about the state of the world.

Thanks Metro!
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