Thursday, April 12, 2012

Safety Department Shell Game?

Metro loves to brag about how they've upped the staff of the safety department, and local politicians extol Metro for putting extra emphasis on safety, but when you hear stuff like this, it makes you wonder if it's little more than a shell game.

From a source familiar with Metro:
I know a senior budget manager who had clashed over some big items with senior management and their tendency to fudge some numbers depending on the prevailing winds of local politics. (see story about Metro "finding" $16 million)

He suddenly found himself second in command in the Safety Department!

Now, I know first hand that he has as much experience in safety as I have in brain surgery, so that should show you what an emphasis Metro places on safety.

And that isn't the first time that has happened. There were other cases of people with absolutely no experience in safety being assigned to that department for some on-the-job training.

One of them has done a very good job - when he's not involved in his other career, Army Reserve major and in Afghanistan.

The others? Not so good.
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