Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love In an (Non-Working) Elevator

This tweet got us wondering:

@dancinfool: Apparently u can find love on public transportation: "I'm going out with this guy for drinks tomorrow who I met on the Metro this a.m." - JH

To us, it seems people are pretty unapproachable on Metro and usually have their faces buried in a book, newspaper, magazine or device. If not, they're usually wearing headphones. Hell, even talking in the hushed cars feels sorta like a faux pas, so news of a blossoming romance was surprising. We're not the only ones.

Have any of you Lotharios/seductresses made a move on Metro?

What are the no-nos and yes-yeses?

Other news:
Great Toles cartoon (WaPo)

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Anonymous said...

Lots of eye contact, very little else.

randallyo said...

the atmosphere is preetty "clenched" on the subway here. better places to make a move!

Anonymous said...

funny headline

Anonymous said...

I had a guy make a move on me while I was doing the Samurai Sudoku in the Express. He asked what it was, I gave a brief answer, and went right back to my puzzle. Did he give up, no! He kept pressing on, and kept asking random questions. What's worse is that he even transfered at the same stop as me, so I couldn't get away from him. Fortunately he got off before my stop.

Anonymous said...

Most of the times I'm on the Metro (AM and PM rush) people either dont want to be bothered or are in a hurry to get home. Heck, in the mornings, some days I'm so out ot it I'm not sure how I make it to my station. I have had some fun conversations during late-night/early morning Metro rides home from bars, but I've never tried to pick up a girl.

Anonymous said...

This is my current blog post, about how it's a huge breach of the unspoken protocol of NOT.TALKING.ON.METRO. At least not during the morning.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Nice post. We agree. Eerily silent in there. Morgue-like.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but talking with your outdoor voice in a morgue is about as out of place as doing it on a morning Metro car! I like the silence in the morning, though, as much as I like the weekend "buzz" on the train.

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