Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confront or Not?

From Michelle:
I saw these girls eating Chipotle on the Red Line going toward Shady Grove during rush hour.

A woman standing near me told them they shouldn't be eating.

They replied, "says who?"

I replied that is was a rule.

They snickered and laughed.

I brought out the camera phone to take this picture.

The girls mocked and threatened me from Metro Center until they got off at Rhode Island Avenue.

Their choice words included:

"I'm going to take that cheap a** flip phone and beat the sh*t out of ya."

"You can't wear f**ing red dresses at the Metro."

"She's texting the f***in Pope."

I was far more troubled by their choice in cuisine than their threats.
Michelle went on to say that she confronted the girls "for everyone's comfort. It's hot outside. It's hot inside the Metro car. Metro cars are smelly in general. We don't want to smell your food. We also don't want bugs in the Metro. I also assure you that people don't want to hear the sucking sound you made when you we're licking your fingers. We just wanted to make everyone's ride a little more comfortable."

Do you confront people you see on the Metro who are breaking the rules? Do you ignore it? Do you just move away?

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