Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Metro Worker won't Take No for an Answer

From Meredith:
Last night, I was at the CVS on Columbia Pike in Arlington near the Drafthouse at about 7:30.

While I was there, I noticed a WMATA employee wearing one of those bright yellow/orange vests staring at the woman in the checkout line in front of me.

I didn't pay much attention at the time.

After I checked out, I walked out to the parking lot, and saw his WMATA vehicle was parked next to her car.

My car was parked right behind the WMATA vehicle, so I had to walk past them to get to it.

I heard a snippet of their conversation. It went something like this:

Him: "Yeah, but can I get your number and call you sometime?"
Her: (trying to be polite) "I'm sorry, no."
Him: "Come on girl, you like like you need a man."
Her: "Actually, I have one." (Shows him her wedding band)
Him: "Oh. Well, if you ever want a man on the side, you know who to call."

The whole time, he was standing so close to her car that she couldn't close her door without hitting him with it.

He finally stepped back, and she closed her door, but her window was cracked open, and he kept trying to talk to her even as she drove off.

She handled it well, but looked a bit flustered.

I wish I'd stepped in and said something, but I admittedly didn't want him to turn his attention to me.

I did manage to get the numbers off his car, though and will be reporting it to Metro Transit Police. Here's hoping they do something about it, but I won't get my hopes up.
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