Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Line Meltdown Open Thread

Photo via Ryan

The Green Line delivered another oh-so-Metro commute this morning. It was so bad Metro even issued an apology!

What do folks make of that?

What were your experiences out there today?

Here's a classic tweet from this morning:
@sosarahsays Green line is a disaster. Station manager told me "we have no idea where the trains are." Great. #walking @unsuckdcmetro
And here are some questions Ryan has for Metro about the delays:
  • I waited 30 minutes for a southbound train. I kept hearing announcements to be patient, a train is coming soon, etc. If WMATA knows a train won’t be coming for the foreseeable future, why not just announce it? I could have taken a bus or cab. Above is a photo of the helpful information provided to riders about the delay.
  • The trains were single tracking. During my 30-minute wait for a southbound train to downtown, there were four northbound trains. This seems weird. When trains are single-tracked during morning rush hour, shouldn't Metro focus on getting people downtown instead of to the suburbs?
  • When the southbound train finally came, it was packed. That's no surprise, given the wait. As the conductor closes the doors, he announced with a loud sigh: “Here we go again. I keep telling y’all --watch the doors, watch your personal items. It's an eight car train people." Etc. Why would the conductor chide people who just waited for half an hour? Surely he realizes the train would be unusually crowded due to the long wait, right?
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