Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Substantial Improvement"

Maryland senator Barbara Mikulski has been characterized as one of Metro's toughest critics, but she may be changing her tune.

Yesterday, during a meeting of local Democratic leaders and Metro officials to discuss safety, she said Metro has made "substantial improvement."

She added that a culture of denial and cover up was "changing" and she now sees the will among Metro leadership to turn the system around.

She told the Post:

“There’s a will. Now we need to find a wallet, and we need to stay the course.”

Not sure if Mikulski is a regular Metro rider, but here's your chance to weigh in. What do you think about Metro's progress over the past months, which are highlighted here in GM Sarles' prepared remarks for the meeting.

Has Metro gotten better? Worse? Has the free-fall been slowed? What do you think?

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