Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rider says Woman Never Made Threat to Train, was Apparent within 10 Minutes there was no Bomb

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From Duane:
I was on the train car with the woman who was screaming into her cell phone. She said she was going to blow up someone in their office building because they killed her family, she went on and on screaming at the top of lungs--a bunch of nonsense.

She didn't say "praise Allah" or throw anything. I was 15 feet or so away, and I didn't see her praying. I just noticed her when she started screaming. She looked Indian and was dressed as such.

She was pissed at someone about a bombing in India or something. She said "you killed my father you killed my mother, I'm coming to your office to kill you and blow it up."

Then she said she was at Rockville and was going to visit the Rockville station tomb. She never said she was going to blow up the train, nor did she threaten anyone on the train.

When we pulled up to the Rockville platform, she got off and all hell broke loose.

She walked off the train, and I didn't see her say anything, but when the doors closed and the train moved, some idiot said there was a bomb on the train and that someone should pull the emergency door lever.

He was screaming like a maniac, and I asked him if he saw a bomb. He just kept screaming that there was a bomb and to stop the train.

I started to pull the lever by the doors, and others said "don't pull it, don't pull it," so I hesitated, and someone else pulled it in the panic.

When the train stopped, everyone rushed to the doors at the end of the car to go to the next car. Everyone wanted to go toward the front of the train.

I have never seen a bunch of adults act so selfishly and foolishly in my whole life. They should all be ashamed of their actions.

They were pushing women, and one lady fell down, so I stopped to help her, and someone pushed me, so I pushed back and screamed "everybody calm down."

When we got to the next car everyone there was shocked because another fool went running through the car yelling "BOMB."

I tried to stay calm and tell the people to just go to the front of the train, but they weren't listening, and the stampede started again.

People left their belongings in the seats and started jumping over the seats and people to get out.

By the time I got to the third car, I figured if there was a bomb, it would have gone off, so I stopped and sat down.

People opened the side door and were jumping out onto the tracks and walking toward Twinbrook.

The operator came through at that time and asked where the bomb was. We told her, and she looked and saw there was nothing.

Now the crazy part is we sat on the train for an hour with no message from Metro.

No one told those people to exit the train and get onto the tracks, they told us nothing until they said to walk to the back of the train and get off because the last door was still at the platform.

When I left the train, I only saw a few Metro police. When I exited the station, the bomb dogs had just arrived--an hour later.

They then told us there would be shuttles to Twinbrook. There were no shuttles.

I caught a Ride On.

I received an alert email saying Metro was closed from Shady Grove to Grosvenor.

I asked the station attendant at Rockville, and she said Twinbrook was open.


They don't know anything.

The Ride On driver called Twinbrook, and they told him it was closed.

To make a long story short, it wasn't Metro's fault that someone yelled bomb and stopped the train, but they did nothing and told us nothing.

They don't seem to have any emergency plans in place at all.

Within 10 minutes, they knew there was not a bomb on the train, but it took me almost 3 hours to get to Metro Center from Shady Grove today.

If there was ever a real bomb on Metro everyone would be screwed because they don't seem equipped to handle any emergency.

They are a joke.
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