Monday, June 13, 2011

Train Up for Grabs?

From an anonymous reader:
I got on the last car of the train, 6063, at about 7:25 a.m. Friday in Crystal City. I took the last seat in the back of the car, the section that's part of the operator's cab but usually left open when the operator is not in the car. What do I see but that the operator of the car left his or her Metro keys in the lock in the window!

Yep, this key chain appeared to have all the keys you'd need to get in a Metro car, unlock the operator's compartment and start up a Metro train. Real secure.

Just outside Chinatown, a man with a hand-held radio came through the car looking for the keys. He spotted them and took them from the lock, saying to me, "The operator wondered where he'd left these."

It appears the operator's name is on the key chain: Shuler, D.

No idea how long the keys had been in the back of the train before someone decided they should probably retrieve them.

What with Metro's security theater, perhaps we should start by reminding the operators to take their keys WITH them when they leave.
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