Thursday, June 2, 2011

Her Name Is???

From an anonymous reader. This was submitted to WMATA as well.
There is a female driver of the D6 bus who is unfailingly rude and difficult to deal with.

About a week ago, the front sign on the bus was inoperable, and I asked if the bus was the D6. The driver would not answer, and just looked at me like I was offending her.

I repeated my question, and she pointed in the direction of the front sign. I indicated that it was not displaying the information, and repeated my question.

Finally a passenger said that it was the D6.

The other morning, the woman in line in front of me asked if the bus went near a specific intersection (24th and P, I think) and again, the driver just looked at the woman and refused to answer.

After the woman repeated her question a few times, the driver responded "I guess. We go to P."

I realize that a bus driver has to deal with abrasive and unpleasant people on a regular basis, but that is no excuse for a lack of common courtesy.

If our questions had been presented improperly, or in a less than polite fashion, perhaps her response would have been warranted. However, both the lady the other morning and I excused ourselves, and addressed the driver as "ma'am."

Additionally, in the course of driving the route, this driver will creep into intersections when making a right turn, and honk at pedestrians who have a walk signal, if they don't move fast enough for her. She cuts off bicyclists and drives very close to them.

I attempted to get the name of the driver, but she has electrical tape over the center of her name tag. The first part says "Ms." and the last part is "liams"
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