Monday, June 6, 2011

First Aid?

Metro says all operators are trained in first aid.

From Jacquelyn:
I was on the train the other day, and another rider passed out for 5-10 seconds and hit his head hard.

I was the first responder, and when he came to, I asked him to remain on the floor until help arrived.

This happened between the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery.

When we reached Arlington Cemetery, the operator came, saw that the passenger was awake, and didn't seem to understand why he was on the floor, even after I told him that he had passed out and hit his head.

The conductor had him get up and walk off the train and called for help.

Soon after, the passenger passed out again.

When the paramedic came, the conductor only told him that he had passed out twice. I then went up to the paramedic and told him the full story.

My complaint is that the conductor was not trained in the very basics of first aid.

First of all, I realize that it is rush hour, but if a passenger hits his or her head from a fall, you DO NOT move them. Even if they are awake and can move their legs.

They can have a concussion, or develop bleeding. Are those small possibilities? Yes, but all head injuries should be treated as serious.

Second, when the passenger passed out again, the conductor did panic a little. Again, because he wasn't trained.

I hope this complaint is taken seriously.

I do not fully blame the conductor for his actions, as I understand that when he first saw the passenger, the rider was conscious.

What I am angry about is that he did not listen to me and then didn't understand the potential significance of a head injury, most likely because he was not trained in the basics of first aid.

I hope the passenger is OK and that he was sent to a hospital, because I got the impression he wasn't, even after all that happened.
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