Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anoyone Seen the Yellow Line Spitter?

From Repulsed Rider:
Have you had any reports about the Yellow Line Spitter?

There is a woman who my colleagues and I see all the time on the Yellow Line in the mornings.

She rides from Mt. Vernon to Pentagon City around 8 and constantly snorts, clears her throat, hocks up loogies, sticks her finger in her mouth to get them, and them flicks them on the wall of the car.

She always sits in the last car near the back on the right side.

People get up and move to the other end of the car when they see her, and she gets more dirty looks than you can imagine, but she's always seemingly oblivious and often engrossed in a crossword puzzle.

When she leaves, there is snot all down the wall by her seat.

We've started calling her the Yellow Line Spitter for lack of a better name.

It's really repulsive, but I guess we're all too polite to say something to her, and/or morbidly fascinated that someone would do something like that.

Just curious if you've heard other people talk about her.

Sadly, I know her by face now, so I know when to find another seat.
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