Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Twas a Morning on Metro

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Proof that Metro can be inspiring.

Wanna drop some Metro verse? Use the comments.

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'Twas a morning on Metro and our hero was nervous
He had come to expect Metro’s lackluster service.
A quick trip he desired from his home to his desk
Without facing a journey some might call Kafkaesque.
Our hero was injured, and he walked with a crutch.
And so soon found himself in the Metro’s cold clutch.
Out of service signs hung on the elevator with glue
Because only a permanent posting would do.
So he sat by the station, for a shuttle he waited
And he soon grew offended and exasperated.
Ignored by the staff, he felt helpless and trapped
By Metro’s indifference toward the handicapped.
The shuttle picked him up, but he was perplexed
At the long time it took to the stop that was next.
When he got to the station, his frustration erupted
For the service, it seemed, was so badly disrupted.
The trains weren’t coming, the platform was packing
As scant whispers warned of the feared single-tracking.
The passengers boiled in the summer’s full throes
With thirst in their throats, and sweat through their clothes.
They came through the station, like lambs to the slaughter
As Metro informed them they couldn’t drink water.
“No drinking!” was shouted, not a moment of lenience
Or respect for their customers, or a hint of convenience.
“Well, why?” they were asking. “We do not deserve this,
A system that’s broken, with horrible service!”
There was nowhere to go, they were rats stuck in cages,
“This is sick!” someone shouted, yelled another: “Outrageous!”
As the train soon approached, they all strained while standin’
And aggressively pushed toward the tracks with abandon
The train car was hot, the AC wouldn’t blast out
An elderly woman was the first one who passed out
As young, healthy folks, sat down in preferred seating
Our hero reached for his phone and started tweeting
He labeled the Metro a “broken down vessel”
And wrote to WMATA’s PR man, Dan Stessel
He then drank his water, he then got a ticket
He then told the officer where he could stick it.
Then delayed, he arrived, at his final destination
And climbed out at Dupont, a hot, crowded station
He soon grew confused, and then angry, then fed up
The escalators were out, there was no way to get up.
He was stuck on the platform with no way to the street
In the grasp of the crowd and the tension and heat.
“We must fix this!” he shouted, “Let’s get Metro unsucked!”
And he sat, hot and helpless, and totally f……
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